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Step 1.png

STEP 1:​

  • If you already have an account use the “Sign In” link on top right of web page.

  • If you are new use the “Create an Account” link on top right of web page.




  • Now you can search for activities using either the "Activities" button on the top left or the search bar in the middle of the screen.


STEP 2:​

  • Once you are signed in you will see your name on the top right as well as some links to other functions where  you can access "My Account," "My Wish List" and "Sign Out."


Step 2.png
VSG Reg p2.PNG

STEP 3:​

  • In the search bar you can enter "Visalia Senior Games" to see all events.

STEP 4:​

  • Select the event that you want to participate in.

  • Using the Drop Down Menu area, choose the person that will be participating in this Activity.

  • Then click the green "Next" button on the bottom right.

Step 4.png

STEP 5:​

  • Answer all required questions.

Step 5.png

STEP 6:​

  • Use the button on the bottom right of screen to move forward in completing your transaction.

  • Do not use the "My Cart" button on the top right  to complete the transaction.

  • If you are going to add additional events, click "Add to Cart & Continue Shopping."

  • Click on the green "Check Out" button.

STEP 7:​

  • For each additional event you add, you should see the athlete fee discount applied.

  • Once all events have been added to  your shopping cart, review the cost breakdown for each event.

  • If correct, review and type initials for all required waivers.

vsg reg p 7.PNG
vsg reg p 8.PNG

STEP 8:​

  • Follow all payment prompts.

  • Click the green "Pay" button.

Step 8.png